Re: question: how can input ac phase be delayed

Hi Lou, John, Antonio,

> John Freau wrote:
> > Overview:    Lou built a magnifier that uses two power supplies, two
> > sync rotary gaps, two caps and primaries, and two secondaries, all
> > driving one extra coil.  When both systems are fired up, the energy
> > adds together and increases the spark length compared with the
> > spark length when just one in running.  Lou demonstrated this TC
> > at Ed Wingate's recent Super-Teslathon, unfortunately some of the
> > spectators left before the final magnificent results were obtained.

> > Can anyone suggest a method to delay the phase to one transformer?

Antonio answered:
> Use different phases of the power line to power the two power
>supplies. You can even use three power supplies using the three
>phases, or even six power supplies, using the phase to ground
>and phase to phase voltages.

Yes, but John also wrote that Lou doesnīt have access to anything but
single phase power sources. Plus, the real problem I see with multi-
phase driving, in this case, is the fact that the phase to phase
relationship would always be 120°. Iīm not quite sure if this would
solve the problem (the problem of RSG imperfection is still there.) It
is just shifted an additional 120°. I also donīt know if Lou wants to
have that much delay.

For a few degrees of phase delay, I think a variable reactor or using a
cap bank in series (maybe with several taps for different "delays") with
one of the PSUs is an easy method. As Lou isnīt running gobs of power,
I think a cap-delay-circuit would be a transportable solution. If you go
up in input VA you would start needing giant caps as they have to let
the required power pass through them. Ideally they would only "move"
the phase, but in reality they will cause some power losses (dissipated
in the form of heat).

Another idea that comes to mind (armchair analysis!!) is to use two
different breakrates in the RSGs. However, I am not quite sure if
they would have to be "exact" multiples of 2x Fmains (i.e. 240bps,
360 bps, etc). This would be the same as running it on different
phases (i.e: ~120° separation). If the xformers are NOT NSTs or
other fragile xformers, I think you could also use totally different
breakrates (i.e: non-sync) in the two RSGs (esp. to find out what
RSG to RSG "breakrate ratios" give the best results).

A last idea: How about using different sized caps in the two tank
circuits. I.e: one is a resonant sized (or almost) cap and the other
is a (slightly) LTR cap. Or even two LTR caps of different size
(easy to do with an MMC containing "taps"). That way you could
phase both (maybe you would need a variable motor mounting to
change the rotor position) so that you get optimum spark length
and then "reverse engineer" the reasoning behind the "why is it
getting a better spark length"

Just some ideas, but maybe it helps...........

Coiler greets from Germany,