E-Tesla5 is up...

Hi All,

	About a year ago I started a project to write a program that would find
the Fo frequency of a Tesla coil secondary system.  The program can find
the Fo frequency with a terminal in place.  It is a long story that most of
you know, but with my latest secondary voltage profile measurements, I
modified the program to give a profile that reproduces the new profiles I
measured instead of a simple sine profile.  

	The "torture test" grid I use, previously give a maximum error of 11.2%.
However, with the new secondary voltage profiles added, it now gives a
maximum error of only 3.9% (level 3 accuracy)!!  The problem of bare coil
accuracy seems to have been caused by the incorrect voltage profile and now
that is solved.

The program also generates data files that can be imported into Excel to
make nice surface plots.

I must thank Jim Monte for all his great help in the development of this
program.  Thanks again Jim!!

The program is, of course, free and public domain and is at:


I made the changes sort of fast but I don't think I messed anything up. ;-)  


	Terry Fritz