Moderator note.

Hi All,

Terry Fritz here... (for real :-))

Apparently, the "Original Poster" tag on some posts is incorrectly
reporting my e-mail address instead of the "true" original poster...  Chip
and I will look into that....  Thanks Jim for telling me.

I think the duplicate post thing is much better but I may have messed up
this morning and send out a few duplicates by accident.  Sorry bout that...

I would like to remind everyone to try and snip the parts of a quoted post
that are no longer needed.  This keeps the posts from getting larger and
larger and....

I have lighned up "a little" on subject matter.  However, this list deals
only with the practial aspects of Tesla coiling.  If something is really
off subject, please respond to the sender directly.  Also, if your response
is really not of interest to all, please just write back to the sender
instead of the list.


	Terry Fritz