Hi its Tabraze,
I'm going to make my postings shorter to make life easy for the list.
what are chokes? What do they do? do all coils need them or just the powerful
ones? and how do I build them?
I am going to build a flat primary. I know to keep the inner coil about 2
inches away from the secondary winding. I am also going to make a safety ring
above the primary. The ring is going to be incomplete because I don't want it
to throw my calculations out. Should I ground this safety ring? I know to the
safety ring about 2 inches away from the primary but how far do I have to have
spacing between turns of the primary to stop arcing between turns?
As soon as I get answers to these questions I will be ready to build the coil
after a week.
Wish me luck!
Tabraze Malik.
Thanks in advance.