Re: question: how can input ac phase be delayed

John Freau wrote:

> Overview:    Lou built a magnifier that uses two power supplies, two
> sync rotary gaps, two caps and primaries, and two secondaries, all
> driving one extra coil.  When both systems are fired up, the energy
> adds together and increases the spark length compared with the
> spark length when just one in running.  Lou demonstrated this TC
> at Ed Wingate's recent Super-Teslathon, unfortunately some of the
> spectators left before the final magnificent results were obtained.

> Can anyone suggest a method to delay the phase to one transformer?

Use different phases of the power line to power the two power supplies.
You can even use three power supplies using the three phases, or even
six power supplies, using the phase to ground and phase to phase

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz