Re: using an SS White x-ray transformer

Most are 5 kVA in continuous use.



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>Original Poster: Terry Greene <xray-at-cstel-dot-net>
>Sorry for the delay in reply. Been berry berry busy. :-)
>As far as duty cycle,... good question. I know that they aren't designed
>for 100% duty cycle, but I've never found reference to what the design
>duty cycle might be. I know a few folks at a few manufacturers (figure
>that). I'll see if I can't get a number.
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>> Original Poster: "John" <jbowers1-at-jnlk-dot-com>
>> Hi Terry,
>> There was something I forgot to ask you with regard to the transformer.
>> Since I plan on operating it essentially "continuous duty" (up to 30 min
>> a time), I'm wondering how much of the 90/7 I can safely run?
>> Thanks,
>> John