Re: Volatge rating of caps in VTTC

Cool, with the credit thing. With only 600 VDC as the high voltage, then
1KV rating should be sufficient for the caps. 


David Trimmell

At 09:31 PM 8/25/99 , you wrote:
>Original Poster: Grayson B Dietrich <electrofire-at-juno-dot-com> 
>I have a schematic for a small VTTC that uses 600VDC on the plate, and a
>large numer of the caps are 5KV micas, abd I was wondering if one coulod
>concievable use a lower volatge rating, say, 1200V? This would help
>reduce the impact the thing has on any possible budgets. It may become a
>project (for credit! Yeah!) in my high school honors physics class, and
>the teacher may be interested in purchasing it or paying for the
>construction to keep it as a demo tool.
>Thanks for any input,
>-Grayson Dietrich
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