Re: Building an RSG - a solution?

Terry, Ritchie, Nick and all

Thanks for the very helpful response.

I've come to the conclusion that I can't bodge up an
experimental rsg with what I have to hand. 

I need a bigger motor and more solid components.

I like Terry's idea of mounting on an electric drill chuck.

This got me thinking about using an electric drill , and holding the disc
on a suitable shaft in the chuck. I don't think that the motor can be 
made syncronious but the speed can be varied with a variac.

But I think I actually have the answer, my grinder - a machine made for
spinning sparking discs! 1/2 HP, 3000 rpm motor (UK has 50Hz mains). 
Heavy duty bearings - made to take off axis pressure. best of all I can 
easily remove the protective covers and wheel leaving shaft washers and 
lock nut - all ready for a disc. I'm fairly sure that I can arrange to have
at least
a three  inch clearance between all the (earthed) metal parts and the
(Its the B&Q (UK hardware store) L17.99 job (about $27 for readers in the

The only thing I can't do is grind the flats on the motor to make it sync.
Apart from
the recursive difficulties I couldn't open the motor housing. So its a
variable speed

When I come to do it, I'll use the 1/2" thick tufnol from RS components. 

Now all I need is time!

thanks again,


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