Re: Preliminary design... Any suggestions?

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Albert Race" <race-at-dgms-dot-com>
> Ok, guy's... I'm sending out my preliminary design for you with experience
> to review and make professional comments on.
> This is my first "bigger" coil. I have only fooled around with Flyback
> derived coils before, so I'm really excited.

Sounds like a winner  except for the saltwater caps...    make a cap out of Al.
roof flashing and some 90 mil polyethelyne ...  you will need aproximately 25
plates about 7X9" and 27 PE plates at about 11X13" ( which fit great into a
small carryabout cooler)   also go for more turns on the primary  about 13
to be
safe    no matter how well you design and configure the math  coils have a
tendency to be a bit off from the "real" numbers.

Scot D