Meeting the Pig Farmers

Hello List:
It was fun meeting all the "faces" who exist as only "faceless members" of
the Tesla list.  I recall pulling into the shop at 7:20 AM to find an
interesting sight.  A somewhat interesting looking creature in a somewhat
contorted postion sleeping in the back of an open trailer on a small
mattress.  As I pulled up in my Dodge Diesel pickup, which is somewhat
loud, I noted a figure pop up in the cab of the pickup with large buggy
eyes somewhat resembling the Zombies from the movies of yesteryear.
Turns out it was Bert Pool and Wild Bill Emery who set the distance record
by driving from Ft. Worth, TX, nonstop for 22 hours.  The zombie eyes and
contorted creature features were undoubtedly caused by the long drive, lack
of sleep, and lack of food.  I was also beginning to wonder how long Bert
drove with Bill in the back of the open trailer on the mattress until he
informed me he threw out the mattress for an hours sleep prior to my
arrival.  They were here at the shop at 6 AM.
Equally impressive from our standpoint was Vincent who drove in quietly in
an older style 4 door Pontiac with 6 cyl. engine and then informed my
amazed employees he would like to get 3 of the pigs.  We asked him if he
wanted them shipped by Yellow Freight, and he replied, "No, just put one in
the trunk, one in the back seat laying down, and the third pig in the front
seat laying halfway down".  "I'll strap them in with the seat belts".  We
thought he was joking, but he wasn't.  We tested a few laying down to be
sure they didn't leak.
As he drove out we were wondering what he might tell a State Patrol officer
if he was stopped.  "Oh -- it's just a pig in a seatbelt!!!!"   
R. Scott Coppersmith arrived with his latest version of WinTesla.  He seems
to be quite the computer engineer.  I was so impressed I swapped him an
extra pig for a copy of it.  Quite a trade --- 250 lb pig for a 4 ounce
disk.  Still wondering how he managed to pull that off --- was I drinking
the night before????
We enjoyed meeting the various members of the Tesla List and would like to
invite any in the midwest to our annual Open House to be held on Monday
evening, Sept. 20th, 6-10 PM.  We plan to have some BBQ and sodas available
with other goodies and several TC's, Van de Graaff's, Exploding wire
machines, a new Railgun/Coilgun we are just finishing up, climbing arcs,
plasma globes, plasma cylinders, and various other strange devices all
If anyone else on the list needs a 10 kVA, 14.4 kV pole pig we have
approximately 12 extras besides the 30 pcs we are putting in storage for
our future work.
Best Regards,