Re: Capacitors

After building (and re-building) several stacked plate caps and rolled poly
type, I strongly recommend using an MMC cap instead. It will cost you less
in the long run and last longer.

Good luck,

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> Original Poster: "Tabraze Malik" <tab-at-malik13.freeserve.co.uk>
> Hi all, it Tabraze,
> As you all know I'm new to Tesla coils. I first began researching coils 4
> weeks ago, and I feel I am ready to build one.
> There is still some confusion over the construction of capacitors.
> I have decided to build a vertically stacked plate capacitor, but I am a
> bit confused as to how to orientate the plates and dielectric with respect
> to each other. I have included a bitmap of what I think capacitors like
> these should look like. Please could anyone tell which one is correct?
> Also I will be using the following formula to calculate capacitance:
> C=(((8085*10^ -12)*DC*A)/D)*(N-1), but how can I find out how much voltage
> the capacitor can take? When I use the specs of the transformers secondary
> to find its impedance then using that value to find the capacitance I need
> will the output voltage of the transformer be the voltage that the
> capacitor can take? If this is true will I have to make a 2nd capacitor,
> connect it in series with the 1st to increase voltage, then make another
> two connected in series which will be connected in parallel with the 1st
> series to bring the entire bank to the required capacitance. will this make
> a safe capacitor? or do you suggest using more series/parallel combinations?
> I intend to connect the plates together using aluminium ducting cut into
> strips. Is this ok? I am thinking of soldering the aluminium strips to the
> plate. Is this a good idea? will I have to use special solder?
> I intend to seal the capacitors so is it a good idea to use a pressure
> release system in the capacitors?
> I have included the design of the pressure release system in the 1st
> bitmap. could anyone suggest improvement methods? will this system be
> adequate? Has this been used before?
> http://users.better-dot-org/tfritz/Capacitor2.bmp
> <<< I posted the bitmap file at the above site.  Since the Tesla list has
> so many members and many of the server links are over modem, file
> attachments are not allowed on the list.  A single 300K file multiplied by
> 500 members means Chip's computer would have to send out 150 megabytes of
> E-mail over his modem!  We ask that you post such files on the web or offer
> to send it to those that are interested directly.  I can post them too but
> I only have so much time in a day... - Terry >>>