Re: Preliminary design... Any suggestions?

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<< With the above design information, What type of results could I expect 
> "as close to perfect as possible" conditions?? Just want to get a feel for
> what I might get close to achieving....
> Thank you in advance for your suggestions/criticism......
> Albert Race >>


I don't think you mentioned the type of spark gap?  With a typical
RQ/TCBOR gap (static), you might get 30" to 40" sparks max.  I'm
allowing for some losses in the salt water cap.

By going to a sync rotary, and a larger (LTR) cap of around .027uF or
so, you'll get longer sparks, smoother operation, and less voltage
stress on the NST, but this might reduce the number of primary
turns too much.  This can be solved by using a larger secondary,
or thinner wire.  

Gary Lau has gotten very good results with a similar (?) system with
a single air suction static gap, but he's using good quality capacitors.
I think he's getting 62" sparks or so.

Just some thoughts.

John Freau