Re: series neon xformer dc power supply?

to: John

It doesn't --- they will die shortly.  You could achieve this potential
using some multipliers in symmetrical fashion off each bushing, but you have
to float each side to develop the HV DC from output to output --- not output
to ground.


Dr. Resonance

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Date: Wednesday, August 25, 1999 7:57 PM
Subject: series neon xformer dc power supply?

>Original Poster: "John" <jbowers1-at-jnlk-dot-com>
>Hello all,
>I recently came across a website with a schematic for a dc power supply
>using two 15 Kv neons in series feeding a full wave high voltage dc
>rectifier (both diode and tube rectifiers are presented).  The author notes
>that after rectification, the supply is capable of around 42 Kv output (30
>Kv before).  Now I've read a lot of material suggesting that neons cannot
>be used in series, only parallel, and I'm wondering if such a supply would
>work without harming the neons?
>John Bowers