Preliminary design... Any suggestions?

Ok, guy's... I'm sending out my preliminary design for you with experience
to review and make professional comments on.

This is my first "bigger" coil. I have only fooled around with Flyback
derived coils before, so I'm really excited.

Here goes:

Source EMF:120VRMS 60Hz (USA)

Input Transformer for primary: 120VRMS to 15,000VRMS 60mA NST

Tank capacitance: approx 10nF (Salt Water Capacitors. (Dark glass 40oZ
Coors) Friends had fun drinking all of them. ;)

Calculated Joules : approx 1.194

Secondary stuff:
	Diameter : 6 inches
	Length: 27 inches
	Ratio: 4.5

      Turns: 950
	wire: 22AWG

	Secondary Coil Length: 23.37 in
	Winding Ratio: 3.895
	Secondary winding length: 1492 feet
	Weight: 7.566 lbs

	Secondary Inductance: 31.161 mH
	Capacitance of Secondary: 10.82pF

	Outer Diameter: 18 inches
	Cross sectional diameter: 4 Inches
	Torroid Capacitance: 19.61pF

	Total capacitance of secondary: 30.43pF

	Calculated secondary resonant frequency: 163.442 Khz

Primary:(Flat Spiral)

	Primary coil ID: 10 inches

	Primary Wire Diameter: .375 inches

	Spacing: .400 inches

	Number of turns: 5.4

	Inductance of the primary: 14.317 uH

With the above design information, What type of results could I expect under
"as close to perfect as possible" conditions?? Just want to get a feel for
what I might get close to achieving....

Thank you in advance for your suggestions/criticism......

Albert Race