Hi all, it Tabraze,

As you all know I'm new to Tesla coils. I first began researching coils 4
weeks ago, and I feel I am ready to build one.
There is still some confusion over the construction of capacitors.
I have decided to build a vertically stacked plate capacitor, but I am a
bit confused as to how to orientate the plates and dielectric with respect
to each other. I have included a bitmap of what I think capacitors like
these should look like. Please could anyone tell which one is correct?
Also I will be using the following formula to calculate capacitance:
C=(((8085*10^ -12)*DC*A)/D)*(N-1), but how can I find out how much voltage
the capacitor can take? When I use the specs of the transformers secondary
to find its impedance then using that value to find the capacitance I need
will the output voltage of the transformer be the voltage that the
capacitor can take? If this is true will I have to make a 2nd capacitor,
connect it in series with the 1st to increase voltage, then make another
two connected in series which will be connected in parallel with the 1st
series to bring the entire bank to the required capacitance. will this make
a safe capacitor? or do you suggest using more series/parallel combinations?
I intend to connect the plates together using aluminium ducting cut into
strips. Is this ok? I am thinking of soldering the aluminium strips to the
plate. Is this a good idea? will I have to use special solder?
I intend to seal the capacitors so is it a good idea to use a pressure
release system in the capacitors?
I have included the design of the pressure release system in the 1st
bitmap. could anyone suggest improvement methods? will this system be
adequate? Has this been used before?

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