FOR SALE Current Limiting Transformer

I have a current limiting transformer and resistors for sale.  It is rated
240/480 VAC on the primary.  Secondary is rated 120/240 vac.  I have 4 hot
water heating elements I use for resistors on the primary.  With the 4
resistors I can get 4 power settings.  I have used this on my 1350 watt TC
(3 neons in parallel), 2250 watt TC (5 neons in parallel) and my 12KW TC. 

I am cleaning out my work shop.  I don't have any choice but to sell some
things and make more room in the shop or build on to the shop.

The transformer weights 55 lbs. and the 4 resistors weight about 2 lbs.  I
live in Tennessee if anyone wants to know how far away I am for shipping

I will take $50.00 plus shipping costs.  If anyone is interested contact me
at gweaver-at-earthlink-dot-net