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>     1) What kind of Transformer does it have?(i know its probably nice since 
> when I  busted it open, i saw a "Danger" sign with 25000v under that little 
> lighting bolt)

  First off, monitors and tv sets use a flyback transformer, which, if
memory serves, is, in itself, a form of TC. They tend to store a _nasty_
charge, too (yes, i've learned this one first hand.. a few times..)

>     2) Now i've opened it up, but does anyone know what the xfmer is? i can 
> tell the    screen tube and this piece that the tube plugs into, but i'm not 
> sure what the   xfmer looks like.

  There will almost always be a heavy red wire going up to a suction cup,
mounted towards the top of the tube. Follow the wire down to a large,
heavy black .. well, flyback... Every flyback i've ever seen (and I do
some monitor repair, so i've seen several) has a stiff, bare wire that
holds it down. kind of like an upside-down L ...
  Personally, I rarely mess with flybacks, because of the inherent danger
involved in their removal. Aside from the charge stored in the flyback,
caps, and tube, you also have to worry about the tube imploding, which is
NOT a pleasant thing.

  As for their usefulness in a tc, well, that, i dont know.
--Shaun (usually lurking) Halstead

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