Re: Secondary freedom

Hi Bart,

	In general, you want your coupling to be around 0.15  If it is too high
(>0.20) then you may get arcs along the secondary coil that can damage it.
If it is too low (<0.12) then you may loose secondary streamer power.  

	I would start at the lowest level where the primary is level with the
bottom turn of the secondary.  If you get secondary arcs along the coil,
then raise the secondary up until the arcs go away.  When you are just
above the point that the secondary arcs along the coil you are at the
perfect position.



At 04:10 PM 08/23/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>    Hello,
>    How much freedom should you let your secondary be able to go under and 
>above the primary.  On my last coil, I did not fool with coupling and built 
>it so that the secondary could only rise.I heard from the T2 list that I 
>should only worry about raising the secondary, not lowering it.  Thanks for 
>your help.
>    -Bart-