Re: using an SS White x-ray transformer

Hi Terry,

Thanks for the info!  Very enlightening and has built up my confidence
working with this xformer again.  I'll let you know what happens and also if
I need any oil.

Initially I was also concerned about pcb's in the oil residue from when the
xformer was last used, but after performing a couple of "home" tests I am
confident none are present.  Just too many horror stories about seemingly
great bargain surplus transformers later turning out to have pcb's in the

Thanks again,


>Original Poster: Terry Greene <xray-at-cstel-dot-net>
>Tesla List wrote:
>> I read a recent post where someone used a cooler to
>> house his neon transformer.
>Most anything that will contain the oil should work. Most are in steel
>tanks from the factory. Since this thing is out of its OEM tank, when
>you install it in a tank (whatever you choose) try to place it in the
>tank with the windings spiraling up and down rather than side to side.
>The open ends of the coil being at the top will allow the air to escape.
>If the coils run side to side they may hold air. To clarify, the core
>should be vertical if possible.
>>  I'm wondering if the container should be sealed
>> to keep out moisture?
>No. Medical x-ray transformers always have a vent screw in the top of
>the tank that can be tightened to seal the unit for shipping and
>loosened when installed for a vent. These transformers can get warm when
>the duty cycle is up and can force oil out of the seals and cable ports
>if not vented.
>> By the way, is transformer oil heavier or lighter
>> than water?
>The oil is lighter than water. Water will settle in the tank if any gets
>in it, which I've never seen happen, other than sweat accidentally
>dripping in a tank with the top off.
>> Whichever it is, water should separate itself from the oil and
>> migrate toward the top or bottom of the container.  My thought would be
>> keep the transformer an inch or so away from the bottom and top of the
>> iner.
>That's how they are done OEM.
>> >I've got a few in the warehouse that are rated at 150KV -at- a full AMP.
>> Whoa, don't think I'd want one of these.  One error and you're finished!
>You bet. Enough juice to blow fingers wide open, if not off. No need for
>contact. Can kill you from several inches. :-0
>See ya,