Re: In-Line 3-Phase Variac

At 16:07 20/08/99 -0600, I wrote:
The great advantage of this unit is its size (and cost!!) and heavy 
construction.  Two of the 3 windings will be ample for my task.

I'm going to do some test measurements under load today.  I'll post them to 
the list for those interested.

Now, having hooked-up the variac in a 2/3 pattern and using only inductive 
ballast (may well prove not enough !) through my home brew pig, we get ......

50-60Amps primary draw (measured in-line with HBP primary) when Jacob's 
ladder fires, which it does nearly continuously .......

Did several runs, disconnecting from mains in between.  Slightly longer 
each time trying to see what gets hot.  Eventually left it there for what 
would have been a very impressive coil-run.


The coils of the variac were stone cold ...... not even a hint of warm.

The inductors were slightly warm to touch, but only half as hot as the 
battery supply for my laptop !

The home brew pig, initially based upon a 5 kVA unit is probably gonna 
handle up to 15 kVA for TC runs ........ which is OK 'cause the wire I 
chose for the secondary is rated at 1 amp continuous duty and the primary 
is huge  ;-)

         < I love it when they over-engineer things! >

The only part which *did* get warm was the roller bushes for the 
variac.  Still able to touch for reasonable period, so probably around 50 C.

Oh, and by the way ......... the Jacob's ladder from HELL !!!!!

Thanks to all those offering help.

Another step closer to the big coil ;-)




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