Re: copper magnet wire

"magnet wire" is a phrase used for wire used in electromagnets, as noted
below.  The insulation on this type of wire is "painted on" - it is
typically enamel or laquer - it is not a thick layer of removable plastic
like you have on your house wires.  This type of insulation is used because
it is very thin, so you can wind the wires closer together on a coil (or a

Wire size is called the wire "gage" - smaller numbers mean bigger wire.  If
I remember right, the wire's gage is the number of wires (without
insulation) that will fit in a square inch - so "1" wire has a 1 inch
diameter, 2 has a 1/sqrt(2) or about 3/4 inch diameter and so on.  There are
tables of these wire sizes in many reference books.
> Copper Magnet Wire === wire made of copper used for winding magnets