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> I asked this question once before but never did get an answer, so here it is
> again>>>
> I've built a RQ style air blast gap, slightly modified so I could use parts I
> already had but it works the same way. My question is this: would the coil
> benefit more from me making the gap wider and using low psi (20-30)
> essentially to cool the gap, or would it be better to make a smaller gap with
> large psi (100-150) where the air itself is quenching the gap? Thanks.
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  if you have an air compresser of sufficient output then go for the 50 -
120 psi
but if you dont like the idea of your compresser running  24-7  then go for the
lo pressure method.   your best bet is to use the vacuum method    ( get a shop
vac  ) and pull air across the gap ( a small shop vac 30 $ worth ) will
pull air
across a gap at about 90 mph thru a 2 " pipe....

Scot D