Re: using an SS White x-ray transformer

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Date: Friday, August 20, 1999 2:57 AM
Subject: Re: using an SS White x-ray transformer

Hi Terry,

>> Here's my problem: The transformer was operated in transformer oil
>> (which had been drained out) and I've been told it is very difficult to
>> remove all of the air and moisture from the tyranny upon refilling
without a
>> vacuum pump and jar.
>That's all good and well in theory. All the manufacturers recommend
>such. In reality, it's not a problem at all. I do it all the time. So do
>all the other x-ray service engineers. Just fill it and let it set for a
>couple of days. Bump it with a rubber mallet a couple of times a day.
>You won't have any problems. I've rarely seen an x-ray service engineer
>go to the trouble to vacuum a tank down. I just isn't necessary.

That's certainly good news then.  Plus the fact that I plan on operating it
at one half normal power.  I was a little concerned because of all the info.
I've read about homemade poly caps being oil filled under vacuum, to remove
both all air and moisture, and how those caps would fail if not done "just
right".  I didn't know if this issue applied to x-ray xformers too.

Since I'm going to be using the xformer outside of its tyranny, I'm
wondering what sort of container would be suitable for housing the xformer
under oil?  I was going to go with PVC, but I had a bad experience using it
in the past.  Seems like oil likes to creep right through it, no matter how
tight the seals are.  I read a recent post where someone used a cooler to
house his neon transformer.  I'm wondering if the container should be sealed
to keep out moisture?  By the way, is transformer oil heavier or lighter
than water?  Whichever it is, water should separate itself from the oil and
migrate toward the top or bottom of the container.  My thought would be to
keep the transformer an inch or so away from the bottom and top of the conta

 >>I'm wondering if I can operate this transformer at one half of its output
>> (50Kv, 3 mA) either dry or just filling with mineral/ transformer oil (or
>> even kerosene) without vacuuming?
>I wouldn't use ANYTHING but Shell Diala-X. There are additives in fuels
>and lubricating oils that substantially reduce the dielectric strength
>of the oil. Diala-X is available at most oil distributors. Not very
>expensive. Look in the Yellow pages. If you can't find any local, let me
>know. I get it all the time.

Yes, that's what I figured.  Everyone I've talked too said that it MUST be
operated in oil.  When I tested it initially, not under oil, using a variac
at the input, I increased voltage until only around 10 Kv was present on
each leg.  Around 15 Kv, I started hearing sounds similar to the corona
effect in Tesla coils.

>I've got a few in the warehouse that are rated at 150KV -at- a full AMP.
>Talk about a brown out. :-)

Whoa, don't think I'd want one of these.  One error and you're finished!
But what a Jacob's ladder one would make if current limited!