RE: Fiberprobe project update.

I'd really like to get on the band wagon too.... How can I?? Can never have
enough test euipment...


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Gang! (this message is sent to Pupman-dot-com, Tesla-2 list and GTL, the
german list.

I have been investigating into 2 different ways to have the PCB`s made.
and have setteled on having them made with a film as the contrast media.
The digital format that the printfirm utilizes in their production
process, is incompatible with what Terry`s programs can do, and I am too
short of time to trace the boards in a vector program, to do it.
So, film it is! I will get the price estimate tomorrow.

This project is a historic event in the history of tesla coiling! The
amount of reliable measurements of key parameters, along with
sparklength at that time, will surely lead to the best spice model yet,
where the sparklength will be an integrated fact, (after it has enjoyed
spectacular attention as a feature, for some time)

I will therefore not miss this opportunity to urge more of you to
purchase at least the boards.

Terry`s offer to supply little bags with the semiconductors, the
surfacemount components and the fiber optic parts, and the boxes,
perhaps, is a truly generous offer in the true spirit of a gentleman at
internet hobby netlist subscriber practice.

Jump on the Fiber Probe waggon.

I mean, a standardized measuring system!..... :o) ;-) .-) ;-)  :-)

I expect the price to be around 20$ per set.

Each set consists of :
1 Receiver board, dual channels
2 Transmitter boards
2 Current shunt boards (3 mill thich copper)
3 voltage probe boards.

This is enough to keep a dual channel scope happy.

And this is a list of the current optionists, who will receive personal
message consisting of the price, and termin of payment, delivery
tomorrow. I will probably have some extra boards made for my own stash.

Ross Overstreet
-- Bert --(that`s Hickman, of course)
"G.Wilson / B.Petersen" germany
Terry Fritz
Kurt Schraner
William R. Langston
Jeff W. Parisse
Michael Klimpel
Phillip D. Rembold
Bruce "placmic"
rww rwall
Gary Johnson
Stefan Bauer
-Bart- (McFalcOn)
Finn Hammer

Cheers, Finn Hammer