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>  How do youconnect the primary coil to the secondary and how doyou hook
>  upthe rf ground. 
>  Brad
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You don't connect the primary coil to the secondary.  You want them to be 
isolated from each other.  This keeps the 60 cycle component of the primary 
out of the secondary - safer that way.  The bottom end of the secondary needs 
to be connected to a good RF ground, best done with a separate ground rod or 
rods depending on the size and power of the system.  My coils use a lug 
soldered on the bottom end of the secondary wire.  I run a brass bolt through 
the lug and the mounting platform and pick this up underneath the coil with 
the copper ground strap (for the larger coil) and with solid copper wire for 
the smaller coil, which then goes to the RF ground.

Ed Sonderman