HV diodes for TC projects and other related HV project

To: Terry & TC group:
Please note that Resonance Research Corp is now a stocking distributor for Fuji
High Voltage diodes and also ultra high resistance resistors.
Values we stock include:    9 kV 300 mA  diodes   and   10,25,50 and 100 MegOhm
HV resistors (rated at 7 kV DC operating potential).
Diodes are connected in series for higher voltages and may be parallel
connected with a small resistor in series with each diode leg for higher
currents up to 5 Amperes.
Price for diodes is $7.50 for quantities of 12 pcs or more.  Not sold in less
than 12 pc quantities.
If you require HV diodes please contact us via our website at