HV Pulse Capacitors For Sale?

 After several months looking on the net I decided I'm not very likely
to find a High Voltage Pulse capacitor for sale at a reasonable cost
online anytime soon, so I figured maybe I could have better luck asking
here on the list, since you guys always seem to find the best stuff. I
have good experience in the field of pulsed energy discharge, having
worked extensively with capacitor banks as large as 3000Joules,
9000Volts and conducted several experiments with different set-ups
working at similar energy levels, so I am comfortable working around
such devices and know all the safety procedures. I am currently
researching electromagnetic accelerators ("factors affecting efficiency
and performance", trying to develop a mathematical model, but my
non-pulse rated, high impedance capacitor bank cannot provide the fast
impulses I require for some of the prototypes I built. In order for me
to continue my research, I must acquire a capacitor/capacitor bank
meeting the following criteria:

 (Useable) Voltage rating between 5 - 20kV,
 High Energy Pulse Discharge rated. High Amperages (above 50kA)
 Voltage Reversal Tolerant (Plastic dielectric preferably) at least to
a certain extent,
  Energy level: 5kJ and whereabouts. This could be more than one
capacitor though.

 Thatís about it. I donít want to narrow it down too much because I am
beginning to worry that I wonít find this capacitor any time soon. If
you have any idea of where I might find such a thing, please donít
hesitate to ask. The price is negotiable, but I am willing to pay a few
hundred dollars for a good capacitor that meets this requirements.
Youíd be doing me a favour...
 So, again if anyone has a pulse rated HV cap(s) theyíre willing to
depart with, please contact me at my personal e-mail
 Two examples of capacitors I found particularly good:
 MAXWELL 10kV 120uF Pulse discharge, 100kA RMS, 80% voltage reversal
 GE Pulse cap 15kV 54uF
 Well, you get the idea. Please contact me if you can help in any way.


 P.S. Please contact me off-list for this.
 Sam Barros,

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