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Subject: Re: Stealth Tesla Coil
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 15:34:13 +1200

 > Hi Malcolm, Terry, List,
 > It was written:
 > >           Thanks for doing that experiment. I'm glad to hear that I
 > >was wrong and that something can be done to improve gap operation. I
 > >am now keen to try it on my work coil. The single gap on this coil
 > >consists of 1/2" brass rods with W-C tips attached. Since the gap
 > >sits well clear of the mounting blocks I could easily slip a toroidal
 > >core over each rod. I'll try it and let you know how it goes.
 > I think some (most?) ferrites have a maximum permissible flux level.
 > Driving them above that causes them to be, well, "less ferriteish".  I
 > wonder if this large gap current will deferrite the ferrites?

Hi Bill,
             It is true that some ferrites can be permanently damaged in
that way. I think it would be worth trying though. Another candidate
is an iron powdered core. It would appear that if positioning an
inductance at that particular point in the circuit influences the
spiking it may be serving to isolate the rest of the primary coil
from the gap at those frequencies. Otherwise, why should it matter
where the extra inductance is positioned and it obviously isn't
large enough to detune the coil.

 > This sounds similar to various magnetic amplifier delay inductor 
 > often times to allow for a slow initial current turn-on for an SCR ( to 
 > the whole die turned on) before the main inrush...
 > Interesting work, guys!
 > -Bill

Bill,  I'm having mega-trouble with email today.  A completely new
system has been put online here (which I utterly detest) and I
know it is causing problems for people trying to email me. I may
leave the lists if I can't getmy old DOS mailer back. This system
is making me spew :(

      Would you mind relaying this message to Terry et al for me?
I am fearful of sending anything to the ists at the moment.

Best Regards,