Re: Back from the overworked


 The plastic you are describing is the same as the type I am using for my
RSG gap, I will return to the supplier and get the specs if no one else can
give them to you from the list. I can tell you it was extremely expensive,
my disk is 280mm is diameter and was 'spun' from a block, (don't ask me why,
I don't know but the supplier said it would increase it's strength??), along
with 6 other rectangular pieces was over $600 AUD. I was 'guaranteed' that
it would never fail based on my use for it!!!. we will see.


 Robin Copini in OZ.

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Clifford D Fahrer <cfahrer-at-in-touch-dot-net>
> All Coilers on the list:
> Sorry I haven't had a chance to contribute lately, but we have been
> trying to keep up with work etc. A friend and myself,( along with Bill
> the Arcstarters advice), are attempting to build a 28KVA System for
> display.   My part is the RSG.
> I plan to use a 2hp sync motor.
> Has anyone on the list ever used "ultra high molecular  weight
> polyetheylene" for the rotor matl on an RSG? (I'm not sure of the
> spelling).  This plastic is white and seems to have good strength.
> I plan to rotate eight tungsten points mounted near the outside diameter
> of the disc through two sets of stationary gaps,  (Also tungsten).
> I am curious about the heat and insulation properties of this plastic. (
> We will be using a 17,000 volt tank circuit.)  The rotating disc will be
> .75 inch thick and 9.5 inches in diameter.
> Any info will be greatly appreciated.
> Cliff Fahrer