Re: Stealth Tesla Coil

Hi Malcolm, Terry, List,
It was written:
>           Thanks for doing that experiment. I'm glad to hear that I
>was wrong and that something can be done to improve gap operation. I
>am now keen to try it on my work coil. The single gap on this coil
>consists of 1/2" brass rods with W-C tips attached. Since the gap
>sits well clear of the mounting blocks I could easily slip a toroidal
>core over each rod. I'll try it and let you know how it goes.

I think some (most?) ferrites have a maximum permissible flux level.  
Driving them above that causes them to be, well, "less ferriteish".  I 
wonder if this large gap current will deferrite the ferrites?

This sounds similar to various magnetic amplifier delay inductor schemes, 
often times to allow for a slow initial current turn-on for an SCR ( to get 
the whole die turned on) before the main inrush...

Interesting work, guys!


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