Re: Fiberprobe PCB bulk order

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>I don't know if it is any good for this project, but I have LOTS of orange 
>colored fiber optic cable with one thin fiber in it.
>jim        homerlea-at-aol-dot-com
><<<< The real trick is getting connectors on the cable.  I us ST style
>connectors (Bayonet) with ceramic ferrules.  These cost about $9 bucks each
>and you need four.  It also takes considerable "stuff" to put these on the
>cable)  Howver Digi-Key sells 10 meter dual cables with ceramic conectors
>already installed for $37.42.  So, I would think the pre-made cables would
>be the way to go. - Terry >>>>

Not necessarily. 'glass' fibre systems are usually designed for long
runs (100s of metres). When using them for relatively short distances,
you can usually tolerate the higher losses of less-than-perfect
termination methods. I have hand-terminated (i.e. no special tools) a
100M length of fibre for a digital audio link with no problems. The
trickiest part is stripping the thin clear plasic coating from the
inner core without damage, but a sharp knife and several attempts
generally works.