RE: First Light - update

		Original Poster: Don Allen <dona-at-amigo-dot-net> 


		As Mike Hammer reminded me on the Tesla-1 list, 
		connecting two of the Fair Radio .01 caps in parallel 
		together gives a total of .02 mfd, which is probably a bit
		much for my 15/60 NST to charge up. It does work well 
		on the tap for turn #11. My original intent was to hook up
		both of my 15/60's to get 120ma, so both of the caps
		would work much better when I get the NST's connected.

With my 15/60 NST, I get my strongest sparks with a .02uF cap, significantly
better than with just a .01 uF (60" vs. 51").  The old rule of thumb of
sizing your cap to be mains-resonant with your NST is just a very rough
starting point, not a limit.

		With respect to the critics of the Fair Radio Cap -
		It performed like a champ and I'm quite pleased with
		it's performance. I had at least 30 runs with 3-4 minute
		rest intervals between each run on this past Saturday
		and the cap is built like a tank. It took several runs on 
		just one cap by itself to get warm; with two connected up, 
		they were stone cold. I think this cap has been unfairly
		maligned. It seems to work well and is probably the
		cheapest off-the-shelf commercial cap you can get,
		without getting involved in MMC construction.

		I couldn't agree more!  Those who say they're worthless for
Tesla applications must just be jealous because they spent so much more!
		To Bert Pool - Killing just one garage door opener
		is enough for me, even with removing the circuit
		boards I don't think I'll try risking another unit. :-)
		The coil will go outside from now on. 

There's no need to banish yourself from the comfort of the garage.  You just
have to disconnect ALL wires connecting to the opener.  This includes
unplugging the AC cord and coiling it up on top of the unit, AND
disconnecting the wall switch and safety sensor wires from the terminal
strip where they connect on the unit.  For good measure, I also tuck in the
short wire antenna too.  While my coil operates below the door track and no
doubt hits the track occasionally, it is out of striking distance from the
main box.   I routinely run my coil in the garage and my opener has suffered
no ill effects.  

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA