Re: First Light and a lesson learned

At 06:47 AM 08/16/1999 -0600, Tesla List wrote:
>Original Poster: "Mad Mike" <mglass-at-netusa1-dot-net> 

Hi Mike, All

>Sorry to hear about your loss, yes, it's fried, I did the same thing on one
>of my coils and fried the intercom system in the shop. I now unplug all
>solid state electronic equipiment when I'm using my coil even though I have
>filters and anti-kickback circuits on the line.
>Mike KB9NZQ

Yes I am too and it's going to prove an expensive lesson with having it
replaced, but that's indeed why I sub-titled the Subject line with "and
a lesson learned". As in,  "I bet I won't do THAT again."