2nd notice of LASER optics purchase

Hello Tesla geeks from us laser geeks.  Many of you are members of laser 
email list and before closing this window of opportunity to participate in 
a group purchase of really dirt-cheap prices for laser optics needed to 
build your own co2, burning/cutting laser, we wanted to post this notice 
Thank you.

Due to a group purchase for our LASERGROWERS EMAIL DISCUSSION list, we are 
going to be able to purchase a complete set of optics for our homegrown CO2 
lasers for $100.00.

This is a one-time deal and if you ever have had a passing thought about 
building your own c02 laser, this is the deal to get in on as this is an 
excellent opportunity to get the optics ( the most expensive part of a co2 
laser) for ridiculously low prices.

We can only enjoy this price if we get enough folks involved. You must be a 
member of the LASERGROWERS email list. You can subscribe by sending an 
email to:
buzz_ard2-at-bigfoot-dot-com and put subscribe in the subject line.  Then, just 
reply to the email that the list will send you.

Now, after that, if you want to purchase these optics, simply send an email 
to the list address (above) with OPTICS PURCHASE in the subject line and 
then the quantity that you want to order should go in the body of the message.

The specifications of the mirrors/optics will be dealt with later but this 
is for a burning and cutting c02 laser of approximately 50 to 100 watts.

These optics are of high-quality, brand-new and come from a reputable
company.  Our LASERGROWERS list is not making one penny from this and, in fact,
you will send your money directly to the company.

Can you see a deal here?

Should you wish to look at our home-page, click on the url below.
There is a lot of pertinent information there although we are in the 
process of organizing it a bit better.