Re: Stealth Tesla Coil

Hi Terry, All,
    It looks like the waveforms are improving.  For the high currents
involved you may need to use a bunch more.  It would be interesting to
determine how many can be added before the streamer starts to wane.
Have you noticed any differences in the streamer quality yet?


> I posted a long JPG graphic file at:
> www.peakpeak-dot-com/~terryf/tesla/misc/noise.jpg
> that shows the before and after scope pictures and the ferrites and
gap setup.
> One indication that this may really make a difference is that I have
> always used the initial spike pulse to trigger my scope.  For the
> time EVER, I had trouble getting the scope to sync with the ferrites
in place!
> I have contacted Richie off list about getting him some of these
> beads to try in his system...
> Cheers,
> Terry