Re: Danger, and I don't understand why.

Hi Terry & all

Big snip ola--
> Also consider the energy stored in the transformer.  If it is a 60mA
> transformer and you happen to catch it at the peak current of 85mA.  Then
> the energy stored per leg is 0.5 x L x I^2.  It this case, 0.5 x 3711 x
> .085^2 = 13.4 joules!!  Given both legs, the neon can store almost six
> times the energy the primary cap can!  So the neon by not only be able to
> shock you but easily kill you too!!!  Dangerous indeed....
> Cheers,
>         Terry

If this true for NST`s and OBIT`S would the same occur with the
more powerfull pole pig or PT.

Also if you are using MOT`s to limit your pig could thay retain
a residual charge on there windings.

Thanks to all for making Tesla coiling a safer hobby.

Mike Tucknott  
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