Stealth Tesla Coil

Hi All,

	I finally was able to test my spark gap with the big ferrites beads I got
from Digi-Key.  Much to my surprise, they actually do seem to have a
significant effect on the high frequency gap noise.  They did not seem to
do much for the ~40MHz signal, but the multi GHz signal seems like it was
really attenuated!

	I have no real good way to know how this actually affects RFI and TV
interference since I really didn't have a problem before (cable TV and all
that) but I think this could possibly be a big help.  Definitely worth
looking into...

	I posted a long JPG graphic file at:


that shows the before and after scope pictures and the ferrites and gap setup.

	One indication that this may really make a difference is that I have
always used the initial spike pulse to trigger my scope.  For the first
time EVER, I had trouble getting the scope to sync with the ferrites in place!

	I have contacted Richie off list about getting him some of these ferrite
beads to try in his system...