Re: Danger, and I don't understand why.

> I
>  turned off the power switch, unplugged the supply cord,  walked over
>  to the gap, and pushed the wires apart with a plastic rod.  To my
>  surprise a 4mm white spark snapped across the gap.

RIchie, all,
    This occurrence of an NST "holding a charge" is not uncommon. Last week i 
was paralleling two Nsts( a 15/60 and a 15/30). after i successfully 
paralleled them, i tried to hook them up on a jacobs ladder to see the efect 
of a more powerful xfmer on a jacobs ladder. When i first hooked it up and 
turned it on, nothing happenend so i turned it of. Like Richie, i thought 
that once its off, its off and all charges are dropped s ince the nst isn't 
supposed to hold charge. But i was dead wrong. When i touched the rods to re 
position them, i got one hell of a zap from them.
    This little incident wasn't posted to the list becuase i thought this was 
a rare incident since i haven't heard of it before, but now i guess this 
might be a common occurrence, again, I would like to know why this happens. 
Getting shocked in Los Angeles,