Re: Where hv. resistors?

Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions about the h.v. resistors.
Great list, great folks.

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>     If they have the value you need www.meci-dot-com has some. Upon taking my
>X100 high voltage probe apart I found all it had was a 4" 495M resistor and
>a  regular 10M resistor. The meter gets hooked in parallel with the 10M.
>They are high precision resistors, but other then the 4" long one they are
>just normal resistors. If you go to www.ebay-dot-com you can probably just buy a
>high voltage probe for what the resostors cost. I got mine for $5.
> > Hi,
> > I am wanting to build a high-voltage probe for a dmm.  However, I can't
> > seem to find high-voltage resistors.  Does anyone know where I can order
> > one/some?
> > I know I can use a long, strung-out string of regular resistors.  I want
> > the hi voltage kind.
> > Thank you.
> > Ros