Re: RFI source tests...

At 04:47 PM 08/08/1999 -0600, Tesla List wrote:
>Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>

>As I saw the other night, it is not the tank circuit firing that produces
>these nasty bursts.  I would see the burst if the gap would just slightly
>click but would never go into full conduction.  I removed the whole tank
>circuit and just ran the gap across the neon.  Guess what?  The spikes are
>still there in all their glory!!!  Removing the wiring cuts down on the
>transmitted signal a little but the vast majority of the spike is still
>there just as before!!
>So it is not the main conduction that causes this RFI.  It is just a little
>initial burst of little power that does it!  It is just a little, hard to
>see, arc click without the primary circuit, but the RF created in that
>instant is enormous!

The sparkgap picture I took located at:


was done with just the sparkgap hooked up directly to the NST. I used
a digital Sony Mavica camera with the flash off. I had to take the picture
quick because the RFI produced by the gap interferes with the camera, 
especially during a disk save operation. I took the picture and quickly
dashed out of the room while the photo was saving to disk. With just
the SG hooked up to the NST, I could hear massive static at the same
time on a radio tuned to the AM band.

If there's a way to reduce the RFI spikes from the SG, I'm all for it.



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