Re: Primary construction

At 10:42  08/08/1999 -0600, Daniel wrote:

>I don't have a drill press or a table saw, anything I
>build is done with a hand held drill and a circular saw so obviously it's
>going to be rather hard for me to get the holes drilled with anything near
>precision and then trying to cut along the holes would be next to impossible
>to do without ruining the entire structure, any suggestions or alternate

I made my first primary with nothing but hand-tools.


The primary is simply lying flat on a piece of acrylic and has 'spacers' on 
45 degree radials to separate the turns.  These were cut from straight 
pieces of acrylic and glued to the base using a piece of copper pipe as a 

I used a similar technique for the larger coil (though I will probably 
re-build this !).  Using radial batons with holes drilled for pre-cut 
pieces of dowel (you can buy these in any hardware store).


This works but is not really "up to standard", so I plan on returning to my 
love of plastics and using some HDPE which I can get in 12-15mm sheets.




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