Re: Where hv. resistors?

    If they have the value you need www.meci-dot-com has some. Upon taking my
X100 high voltage probe apart I found all it had was a 4" 495M resistor and
a  regular 10M resistor. The meter gets hooked in parallel with the 10M.
They are high precision resistors, but other then the 4" long one they are
just normal resistors. If you go to www.ebay-dot-com you can probably just buy a
high voltage probe for what the resostors cost. I got mine for $5.
> Hi,
> I am wanting to build a high-voltage probe for a dmm.  However, I can't
> seem to find high-voltage resistors.  Does anyone know where I can order
> one/some?
> I know I can use a long, strung-out string of regular resistors.  I want
> the hi voltage kind.
> Thank you.
> Ros