Power Factor Correction

Hi All,

	I finally got the 200uF power factor caps installed in the primary of my
neon (15kV/60mA).  WOW!  That really reduces the current just like it is
suppose to.  The current goes from about 13.5 amps to 8.5 amps!  I will now
easily be able to run my coil and gap motor (5 amps) easily without
worrying about blowing breakers (15 amp power strip).  The measurements I
have taken are pretty close to what was predicted.

	The big Panasonic poly motor run caps look like they can take this service
with ease (Digi-Key# P9404-ND).  I added a MOV across them incase they get
hit.  Of course you can find such caps surplus for less money...

	I could find the power factor of the modified AC sync-motor too and do the
same for it...

	Although these caps don't change the operation of the coil itself.  It is
rather amazing that they cut the coil's VA draw almost in half.