Directions to the Pig Farm

Traveling times (estimated):  From northside of Chicago  3 1/2 hrs at 65
MPH.    From west side of Mpls/St. Paul   4 hrs at 65 MPH.
At Wisconsin Dells, exit Hwy 12 at mile marker 89 (caution: there are 3
separate Hwy 12 exits for Wis. Dells).   If driving from Mpls it is the
last exit.  If driving from Chicago it is the first exit for Wis. Dells.
Take Hwy 12 east (direction is due south) and 4 lane will end and merge to
2 lane highway in 3./4 mile.  Continue driving for another 1 1/2 miles and
you will pass "Bronco Billy's" --- a colorful local watering hole.  
In approx 1,000 feet you will see Shadylane Rd.  The ICF (International
Crane Foundation) has some signs that look like flying cranes.  Turn left
(east) on Shadylane Rd. and continue past the ICF (approx 2 1/2 miles) and
once past ICF another 3/4 mile.  You will come to a stop sign that is CTH
"A".  Cross this intersection and continue on Shadylane Rd.  Count the
mailboxes on left side of road after you pass the intersection.  We are the
3rd mailbox on the left and located approx 1/2 mile past the intersection
on the north side of road.  Gravel driveway is uphill to a large green
shop.   Our fire number is E11870.
Look forward to meeting y'all.