My RSG - possible

Hi All,
         after months of stealing everyone else's machine time and begging, 
borrowing and scrounging materials off everyone in sight (particullarly those 
with access to industrial machine shops - thanks mike) my 1120bps rsg is 
ready to run.  It does not use a sync motor so I can vary the break rate 
almost infinitely, once I get another variac.  At the moment the electrode 
holders are a bit of a lash-up but by the time I take it to the winter 
teslathon I should have lovely finned brass electrode holders with thoriated 
tungsten electrodes mmmmmmm.......
The point of all this was .. no wait i can still remember ....  that having 
built this rather nice gap I now have to build a coil for it.  I have decided 
that it would be cool to do a maggie but wonder if there is anything 
perculiar to high break rates that I should know about?
Also which primary form is better for the maggie driver - spiral or solenoid?
What should I use as the hook up between the secondary and tertiary?
How physically big should the system be if i am going to put about 5kVA into 
How much tertiary Ctop should I use?

Thanks for all your past (and future) advice
Nick Field