Pole piglets arriving soon!

to:  All future Pig Farmers:
The pole piglets should be in the "stye" by Thursday, Aug. 19th or thereabouts.
98% of them are 10 kVA -- a few 5 kVA units available.  Standard 14.4kV to
240 VAC --- some have the tap switch to adjust from 12 kV to 14.4 kV in steps.
Due to the fact we have a "beyond buried" schedule this summer with 3 major
projects (including a 6 stage coil gun) all due on Sept. 10th, we are
setting one day aside for "piglet pickup".  Pickup for anyone coming
inbound will be on Tuesday, Aug. 24th, from 9 - 11:30 AM and 1:00 - 3:30
PM.  A forklift with operator will be available all day long on that date.
Sorry, no weekend pickups.
Cost for all pigs is $40 cash.  If shipping is required all pigs will be
crated the following day (Aug. 25) and shipped via Yellow Freight
International.  If you can't pick up here and require shipping, please add
$25 per unit for crating lumber & crating labor.  All payments for units
being shipped are due here on or before Aug. 18th (so we can obtain a total
count prior to delivery here of units).
If you need to determine shipping costs, all your local Yellow Freight
terminal and check --- weight approx 225 lbs per unit and our zip code is
53913.  I may also be able to get a guaranteed shipping cost since I will
be shipping a large quantity (over 100 units so far!!).
If you decide you want any "extra" unit/s please advise the total number of
units you require on or before Aug. 11th. 
All pigs have been chemically tested and certified to be at or below 3 ppm
PCB levels.  Most (95%) show no traces of PCB's at all. 
Hog rings distributed free at time of pickup of your porkers!!
Terry -- Please delete this message after 8/23.