Re: More maggie Q & A

Hi Ed, Dc

El snip ola-- 

> Mike,
> You want to keep the inductance of the driver as low as possible and the
> inductance of the extra coil as high as possible...within reason.  It is
> possible to have the inductance of the extra coil too high.
> Experimentation will give you a "feel" for good working driver/extra
> coil ratios.
> Ed Wingate RATCB

It looks like my induction ratios are a bit mixed up.
What I`ll do is wind a new extra coil, still 4.25" by 23" but
with thinner wire to up the inductance, if I wind about 1200 turns
instead of the previous 800 then I should have an inductance ratio
of 1:2 (driver:extra)about 34mH.

Also re-read some old post, The comment about inductance came from
Richard Quick.

Next qustion.

With regards to the primary/driver how close should the two coils be.
I thought 2" or so.(This should give me room to add insulation around
the driver)  

Cheers Mike Tucknott  
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