Poulsen arc powered tesla coil

To Pouslen arc enthusiasts,

(Yes, it's on topic, as hopefully someday soon someone will build a CW
tesla coil powered by a Poulsen arc oscillator and share the results on
this list.  Jeff, if you do it, please keep us posted!).

For fascinating reading, try these sites:

> >At one time I'd started a Poulsen arc page, which is at:
> >http://www.geocities-dot-com/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/6160/poulsen/
> >
> I am ready to machine one!!  I've been waiting a long time for actual
> of one of these "singing arc" type circuits...  I have many descriptions,

> even wiring diagrams, but NO real information concerning the actual 
> phyisical construction, and electrical values!
> This is a brilliant find!!  I intend to build one, mark my words!
> Time for some real fun!
> Jeff
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