Re: More maggie Q & A

to: Mike, David

The resonator should be at least (min) of 3X the driver inductance, so
David's post of 5X sounds like a good design criteria.



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>Original Poster: David Trimmell <davidt-at-pond-dot-net>
>I have always used at least 5X the inductance of the driver for the free
>resonator coil, that has work for me, but may be more a "rule of thumb".
>Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz has posted some very interesting material
>regarding this subject, and has a web site up regarding the "Ideal
>David trimmell
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>>Original Poster: Michael Tucknott <Michael.Tucknott-at-virgin-dot-net>
>>Hi all
>>thanks Ed, DC, Malcolm
>>I wound the driver coil yesterday it is on a pice of 9.25" pipe with
>>a height of 16.75" (H/D ratio 1.81:1) wound with 1mm (18AWG) magnet
>>wire it has 395 turns or there abouts.
>>The inductance of this coil is 15mH.
>>I intend to wind the primary out of 1/4" copper pipe with as many turn
>>that will fit in, this should also compensate for the small cap
>>I plan to use an existing secondary (4.25" by 22" 22AWG)as my extra
>>This coil has 13.5mH of inductance and a self C of 9pF.
>>Now for the next qustion.
>>I read somewhere(I think it was by Richard Hull)that the extra coil
>>have more inductance than the driver, can anybody shed any light on
>>Many thanks Mike Tucknott(maggie building in swindon home of the Honda
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