More maggie Q & A

Hi all
thanks Ed, DC, Malcolm

I wound the driver coil yesterday it is on a pice of 9.25" pipe with
a height of 16.75" (H/D ratio 1.81:1) wound with 1mm (18AWG) magnet
wire it has 395 turns or there abouts.
The inductance of this coil is 15mH.

I intend to wind the primary out of 1/4" copper pipe with as many turn
that will fit in, this should also compensate for the small cap

I plan to use an existing secondary (4.25" by 22" 22AWG)as my extra
This coil has 13.5mH of inductance and a self C of 9pF.

Now for the next qustion.
I read somewhere(I think it was by Richard Hull)that the extra coil
have more inductance than the driver, can anybody shed any light on

Many thanks Mike Tucknott(maggie building in swindon home of the Honda
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